Tree Removal Services in Gold Coast

We offer specialized and certified Tree Removal Services!

  • Get rid of unwanted branches or a tree after a thunder!
  • Remove a dying tree from your garden
  • Dead or dying tree removal.
  • Tree removal that can pose a risk to your property
  • Removal of poor quality tree species
  • Tree Removal Gold Coast from construction sites
  • Removal of Palm trees
  • Emergency tree removal services

Whatever your requirement our professionals are there to make the job easy!
We know and realize how your favorite tree can become a pain in the long run! The reasons can vary from:

  • Trees damaging your property
  • The overgrown roots affecting the drainage system
  • Visually unappealing / blocking the view from your balcony
  • The overgrown branches block the driveways
  • Causing annoyance to the neighbors


Gold Coast here we come!

Boots Tree Services offers personalized services so that the tree in question is removed without causing any damage whatsoever. Our Tree Removal Gold Coast services include the following but are not limited to:


  • Residential property
  • Commercial / corporate property
  • Schools, hospitals and public parks

Do I need council approval in order to get the trees removed?
Well, yes, in certain cases. This is a common question that we are often asked. But there is nothing to worry about. In case you need council approval, our team will get in touch with them and will do all the needful so that the concerned tree can be removed without any hassle. You don’t have to fill up any forms or run around to get the approval. Our team will look in to the whole affair.
For more detailed information on the council guidelines, browse through our ‘Council Links’ page.

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