Tree Pruning services in Gold coast

We offer customized tree pruning services in Gold Coast !
As a tree expert we know how the over grown roots can cause damage to the property. If immediate steps are not taken then, over grown roots will cause long term damage that is beyond repair! Avoid this! NOW !

Our comprehensive range of Tree Pruning comprise of:

Formative Pruning:

When you opt for this service you are giving your favorite tree a shape and structure from a tender age. Trees that are pruned in the initial years don’t need corrective pruning at the later stage.

Removing dead or dying branches:

Increase the safety of your building and loved ones by removing the dying or dead branches. A simple step, this will go a long way in ensuring that your tree remains healthy and fit!

Removing crossing branches:

Crossing branches, if left unattended can expose your tree to infection, disease. Over a period of time the tree will shrink and look dull. But with our cross branch removing services you can ensure that this never happens!


With our Thinning services you can ensure that more light passes through the canopy and that the tree enjoys a proper weight and height!


Allow us to give your favorite tree the required shape and design with our tree shaping service!

Do I need council approval in order to get the trees pruned?
Well, yes, in certain cases. This is a common question that we are often asked. But there is nothing to worry about. In case you need council approval, our team will get in touch with them and will do all the needful so that the concerned tree can be removed without any hassle. You don’t have to fill up any forms or run around to get the approval. Our team will look in to the whole affair.

For more detailed information on the council guidelines, browse through our ‘Council Links’ page.

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