Palm Trees, Planting & Mulching services in Gold Coast

We, at Tree Boots Service, Gold Coast believe that caring for your tree is a must. If you want to enjoy the fruits, shade and oxygen provided by the trees then do your bit to preserve them!
In addition to:

We also offer “Other services” which comprises of:

Palm Trees

Our certified professionals have the required expertise in Palm tree clean/removal services


we offer tree planting services. We will help you select the tree, install and ensure that your tree grows up to be a healthy one!


Lets do our bit for the environment! With our tree mulching services you can contribute in recycling of green waste !

At Boots Tree Services, Gold Coast, we have our own tree cutting business arbor innovations which employs ONLY qualified Tree Arborists (minimum Cert 3) for all tree cutting work.

You will come across many companies suggesting that you opt for tree lopping service, but Lopping or topping trees to reduce their size or shape is an unprofessional and dangerous practice. Removing too many leaves can starve a tree and kill it. Moreover Lopping creates vulnerability to disease and decay.

Trees that have been lopped are unattractive and spoil the appearance of a garden or landscape.

Tree lopping is not a cheaper option in the longer term, as the tree is very likely to die and can cost a lot of money to remove. If it survives, it will be structurally unsound and unsafe and will require more regular pruning in order to keep it safe.

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